Personal Shopping Events

Ocean Avenue offers private shopping parties!

Shop in the comfort of your own home in a casual and relaxed setting with no-pressure sales. Get a free gift just for hosting and earn free merchandise!

How it works: Choose a date using my calendar. Once you book the date I will send you an invitation with all your details filled in. All you have to do is send it to your guests. I can even set up a facebook event for you. Any food or beverages will be your responsibility.


On the day of your party:

I’ll arrive early to set up a few displays and prepare. Once your guests arrive they are welcome to browse and to socialize. There are no lengthy product demonstrations, and certainly no high-pressure sales. Guests can shop casually, try clothing and jewelry on, ask friends what they think, and I’m happy to help with sizing and answering any questions. I can also give style advice and tips and take orders.  Guests can design their own custom charm bracelets and I can take orders for any other custom pieces.  Everyone can have a great time regardless of their size, style, or budget.


Once all of the guests make their purchases, the total sales are tallied and the host is offered a shopping credit worth 10% of the sales (before tax). Bonus incentives can also be earned:

If 10 or more adults attend your party, you get an extra $10 credit or a free pair of earrings
If at least 1 guest books a party you earn an extra $25 credit to spend at their party!

Questions? Click here to check out my FAQ

To book your party call 416-578-3148 or email


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